Therapy to empower recovery and wellbeing in challenging times


Therapy is an invitation to recover from challenging times by embracing the process to wellbeing. Are you ready for change, but don´t know where to start? Do you need supportive tools, and guidance to more emotional sustainability? Kristin gives treatment for a variety of conditions and challenging life transitions.

Therapy for

  • addiction and substance abuse
  • body image disorders
  • eating disorders
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • trauma related conditions
  • challenging life transitions

Therapy involves getting clarity on your ongoing situation, including how the condition manifests, what are maintaining factors, and what you wish to focus on in your recovery.

Connect with me if you´d like more information on what to expect. I can promise you one thing; be prepared to be patient, and give yourself some time for changing your ways towards recovery and wellbeing. I truly believe you can lead a life with more ease, through committing to inner work, and tapping into your own agency.

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Book your session for my Online Office or for an appointment in Amsterdam here. You can see the availability when you go into the booking schedule. The Online Office makes it possible for you to have therapy and support wherever you are in the world.

If you live near Bodø, Norway, please book your session at Psykologsenteret.

Price per session: € 105,-

Duration: 45 minutes