This mentoring program empowers you to become a skilful facilitator of yoga and mindfulness for mental health conditions. It´s designed to elevate your strengths as a compassionate professional, supporting recovery with your clients.

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Mentoring for

  • Yoga, meditation, mindfulness teachers or
  • Yoga Therapists or
  • Health care professionals (psychiatrist, psychologist, psychomotoric physiotherapist, nurse, social worker or other) or
  • Other professionals with multidisciplinary trainings

Mentoring for professionals sharing yoga, meditation, mindfulness in clinical settings (organizations and institutions for mental health care) or for folks in need of psychologic support (prisoners, veterans, refugees and more).

Mentoring themes

  • Cases: support and methodical mentoring (languaging, practice protocols and diagnostics, contraindications, roles, inclusion/exclusion criteria
  • You are a private practitioner and would like to implement mindfulness and yoga more actively as intervention for your clients
  • Compassionate fatigue: Supporting you as a helper of others in distress and suffering,
  • Your organization want to implement yoga and mindfulness for your patients, and you´d like a training for your personal and staff
  • You wish to set up a course or therapy program for your patient groups
  • You wish for guidance finding evidence based material, litterature, or for applying of fundings to your project.
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Price per session: € 105,-

Duration: 45 minutes