Kristin Vikjord Paternotte

Clinical Psychologist, writer, yoga and mindfulness facilitator

Hi! And warmly welcome to my site. Here you´ll find expert resources for emotional wealth, and how to elevate your skills in your work to help others through difficult times. This site covers topics on yoga, wisdom teachings, mental health and emotional wellbeing as empowerment and revovery, for yoga and mindfulness teachers, -therapist, and mental health care workers.

As co-founder of Delight Yoga Schools, and the Arctic Yoga Conference, I’ve had the privilege to practice and work with some of the most recognized and dedicated teachers, researchers, and academics the last decade. And I’ve had the great fortune contributing to clinical pilots, research applications and projects, exploring yoga and wisdom teachings application for mental health.

Since 2008, I have shared Mindful Yoga as Applied Practice with patients and staff in numerous psychiatric organizations, in the Netherlands and Norway. My Teacher Trainings have certified dedicated practitioners and helpers to become skilled facilitators of emotional change processes. My work has been used as guides for staff, on how yoga and wisdom teachings compliment medical, social, and psychological (conventional psychiatry) treatment and therapy.

In 2017, I launched my latest heart project, The Yogi Facilitator Leadership Training, integrating my clinical expertise with yoga and wisdom teachings. The training is curated by Janice Gates and myself, merging our competences, creating the first professional leadership program of facilitator skills and mindful yoga. Janice and myself have trained and mentored hundreds health care workers and therapists the last decade. The training starts in Mandali, Italy November 2018.

I’m an existentialist at heart, and a firm believer of supporting each other to wellbeing and Greatness. The purpose of my company, Dakini Dharma Projects, is to empower learning, integration, and sharing the experience of emotional wealth.

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Kristin is authorised Clinical Health Psychologist (EuroPsy)

Kristin graduated MSc (cand.polit) at NTNU 2006, and MSc (cand.psychol) at UCPH 2009. Working in psychiatry and therapy with approaches as: motivational interviews, CBT-E, mentalizing, and mindfulness based interventions, herein Mindful Yoga.

She is E-RYT 500 teacher who holds teacher training certificates in:

  • Mindfulenss Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)
  • Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT)
  • Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TSY)
  • Mindfulness Yoga and Meditation Training (MYMT)

“Bringing Mindful Yoga into therapy was an organic process, since mindfulness and yoga always was there throughout my studies. Having a body oriented access to our inner landscapes was very useful to integrate as part of conventional treatment interventions when working with severe sufferings like eatings disorder, addictions and substance abuse, traumas and other.

I truly believe that we can all find some degree of ease in times of suffering. I believe we can all experience freedom, and live in Radical Freedom – for each, an individually unique experience.

My mission is to contribute in the discourse and practice of making the application of wisdom teachings (yoga, mindfulness, compassion) part of the multidisciplinary approaches to prevention, treatment and recovery of mental health conditions.

My passion for my work is motivated by the fascination of the human experience: How it is to live this life, to embody the experience, to be and move in the dance between ease and unease, between joy and suffering. And of course, to contribute supporting folks in their recovery and wellbeing – both on individual and societal level”.


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