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I´m here to share knowledge and experience from practice on yoga and wisdom teachings´ application for mental health and emotional wealth. You´ll get up to date resources, learn about skilful strategies for challenging times, and how to facilitate change processes.

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Empowering recovery and wellbeing

Are you ready for change, but don´t know where to start? Do you need supportive tools, and guidance to more emotional sustainability? Recover from challenging times by embracing the process to wellbeing.

Sessions are offered in multiple locations, as well as in my Online Office.


Become a skilful facilitator of yoga and mindfulness for mental health conditions.

Join the mentoring program to develop your competence in the application of yoga and mindfulness for mental health conditions, and in clinical settings. You´ll receive guidance in the whole process from planning, to execution and finishing, for individuals or groups.

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“There is always ease in unease”

– Kristin Vikjord Paternotte-

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